Boomingdutch offers dried flowers and bouquets made from the house and by the best creators from France and throughout Europe. 

Why dried flowers

Dried flowers are currently very popular precisely because they have a longer shelf life than fresh flowers. We supply beautiful dried flowers that can have a prominent place in your interior for a long time.

Dried flowers at an affordable price at Boomingdutch

Besides the fact that you can keep and store dried flowers longer than fresh flowers, dried flowers are also a lot cheaper than their fresh counterparts. Bloomingdutch supplies beautiful dried flowers and dried bouquets at a great price.

Can't you dry such flowers yourself?

Now you're probably wondering if you can't just dry flowers yourself? Well, you can. But you need a certain know-how to ensure that the flowers dry in a beautiful and good way. During drying, flowers can develop fungi. Tying flowers incorrectly or leaving them hanging can also cause the flowers to become dented during drying. In addition, drying also takes a lot of time. When you order dried flowers from Boomingdutch, you can be sure that the flowers have been dried correctly, and that the flowers will be delivered beautiful and in perfect condition.

Boomingdutch also offers DIY dry bouquets

In addition to our dried flower arrangements,  Boomingdutch also offers DIY dried bouquets. That way you put together bouquets with individual flowers yourself and you can easily, quickly arrange a beautiful bouquet of dried flowers at home!